The Price of Electricity Meter is Increased.

New Electricity Connection Increases. The Demand Notice for Three-Phase Electricity Meter is 63450 instead of 33500.

Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) has increased the fee for new connections.

According to a notification issued by LESCO management, the demand notice fee for a three-phase meter has been raised from Rs. 33,500 to Rs. 63,450.

The new fees of electricity will be effective from July 1st.

What is the procedure to apply for a new LESCO connection?

To start the application process, you can visit the given link (, and select one of the connection types:

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Tube Well, Temporary, General Services, Residential Colonies, Street Light.

You will also need to submit property details where you want to install the new electricity connection.

After filling in and uploading all the required information and documents, submit the application form.

You need to print out the submitted application form, attach all the required documents with this application, and send or submit the complete file (including the application form and required documents) to your respective office.

The next step is to pay the LESCO demand notice to the mentioned bank.

After the payment of the demand notice, submit a copy to the relevant office for further processing.

In this final step, the relevant office will verify the payment of the demand notice and, after confirmation, will install the connection.

The process to get new category-2 lesco connection is almost same as category one, but it can take up to 44 days to complete category 2 connection.

Just like category one and two, there are same steps for category 3, however in this category it may take up to 73 days from application submission date to meter installation.

Looking for LESCO new connection? Let us guide you how you can get that. You can either visit the nearest office and get the application form, or you can apply online.

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