AI Generated Image Titled “ALL EYES ON RAFAH” was Reshared a Staggering 50 Million Times in a Short Time.

As you know that Israel has attacked Palestine in recent days and many Muslim children, old people and women were martyred. After that A pictutre generated by AI which contain a content in the representation oof Palistines, was scrolling on the Internet, which resulted in a picture that was shared by many people, including many celebrities, and they used this picture to convey the message that Israel is a terrorist country that breeds ignorance and there was a lot of judgment about it in favor of Palestine, which is a public decision now.

Recently Instagram made a post in which they gave a button ON EYE to the people and people press that button more than 40 millions in a single days to show the soliderity with the Phalistines Muslim. The Phhalistine Muslims are now awaiting for the response from the world.

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